Monday, December 8, 2014

More about Change?

About this time last year and early 2014 I stated writing about change. I used the word change instead of having a New Year’s resolution. The thing about the New Year’s resolution most people give up on it after a few days or weeks while change can be ongoing. Not just for the year but the rest of our lives.

I think change starts with our attitude and grows on depending what the change is. For some it may be losing weight or exercising. I think it can be how we think about ourselves or others. How we may treat better or get new friends because the ones we have bring us down. This can really be especially true for young people.

This year two things that have really made the news has been about being bullied and domestic violence. The whole thing about both of them is that if we have been involved in both either as a victim or the person who has been the aggressor we are all above it. We can be more than we think we are. Some began as victims and then became an aggressor. It is possible that it happened years back and it is no longer part of our lives but we still may feel bad about ourselves. We must love ourselves as well as others. We must decide we are no longer the victim or aggressor. This is where change comes in. I have said before that when it comes to change in our lives especially something like this we may need others for support. We may need to make new friends. It is important to be around other people that will give us a positive attitude.

Another part of change I mentioned was after the Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl in February. They became champions because they lived as champions. This is another way for us to live a fulfilling life. This season the Seahawks showed during the first half of the season it is not always easy to keep up with being champions. For them much of it was injuries to key players but they now in the last three games have the attitude back as champions. Some may call it their mojo. So they are now showing no matter how things go no matter what we are still champions. Our lives never stay the same. Circumstances happen that are not in our control.

Other changes that can happen in our lives can be life changing. It may be a change of our job or moving to another city. For several years my sister-in-law felt she really needed a change in her job; however, she was unable to find another job where she and my brother were living. There youngest son Danny was finishing high school so the timing was good to find a job in another city. She wanted to be close to her family including a brother and sister along with both parents. She was able to get another teaching position at a high school near her family. In fact, the job was the first one she had applied. It gave her a positive attitude as well since other jobs where they had lived never came about. My brother was able to keep his job while working out of their home. She is happier than she has been for some time. The hardest part was leaving students and other teachers behind that she had built relationships with. The whole thing about change is sometimes we have to leave behind something’s or people for the better good.

The thing about change is that it can be good but we must take a risk. Sometimes though we may find it is not as good as we think; however, the risk is important for the better good. It could lead us back to where we were as well but may never know without taking the chance. 

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