Monday, January 19, 2015


If you were one that watched the Seattle Seahawks beat the Green Bay Packers 28-22 in overtime in NFC Championship you would have likely been amazed. The Seahawks offense could not do anything right for most of the game and their defense was what kept them in the game. They were down 19-7 with five minutes remaining in the game when quarterback Russell Wilson threw his fourth interception in the game. At that point it did look like the Packers were going to win and go to the Super Bowl. The Seahawks defense stopped the Packers and the Seahawks got the ball back with 3 minutes 25 seconds. They scored a touchdown with almost two minutes remaining in the game to make it 19-14. They recovered a onside kick and after a long run by Marshawn Lynch that got them to the four yard line Russell ran in and scored a touchdown along with a two point conversion which made the Seahawks lead 22-19. The Packers came down and tied the score with a field goal with about 25 seconds remaining. The Seahawks won the coin flip to begin the overtime. After several good runs by Marshawn Lynch they had two long passes the final to score a touchdown to win the game.

What all this means to me and to us is that no matter what kind of day we are having we can overcome anything in the end. The Seahawks could not do anything offensively right for almost all the game; however, when it really counted they were victorious. Last year when they won the Super Bowl they showed us that we can be mighty warriors and champions. This year they have shown that we can overcome adversity no matter what has come before us.  The thing about being warriors and champions our opponent or enemy is out to get us. They not only want to defeat us they want to bury us so we can’t go on; however, we must have the faith and courage to face our enemies no matter how large or small they are. This is what is meant to be truly mighty warriors and champions. We may get down but we are never out. We all have a destiny in our lives; however, we must continue to fight for it.

I can’t say I am really there yet as far as being a might warrior and champion; however, if I continue to fight someday I will be. If you get either depressed or discouraged remember that you have a purpose and destiny in this life. Keep going until it is fulfilled. Do not let anyone get the best of you even those you may call a friend. Have a great week and keep on keeping on. 

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