Monday, January 5, 2015

Living a Life of Adventure

My last writing for the beginning of 2015 would be to live a life of adventure. I believe it begins with an attitude adjustment. It could be how I see other people or how I see myself or both.

Our adventure could be just making subtle adjustments. It could be a friend to those who have not been too friendly to us. We could smile at someone who has a frown on their face. It could be a co-worker who irritates us each time we run into them. Instead of irritating us we just make a joke out of it.

When I was twelve years old our family took a trip the whole summer across Canada and into eastern United States. We left the day after school got out and returned a couple weeks before school started again for the new school year. I could say it was a trip and adventure I have never forgotten. I am sure most people have never been on a trip like it. I have only been back to Montreal, Ottawa, and Boston a couple times since that eventful trip. Someday I would like to visit all those places once again. I certainly would call it an adventure as well. I sure wish there was a time machine I could go back in time. I wrote about the trip back in November of 2013. I wrote three different blogs about the trip. So if you would like you can go back into the archives to read about the trip; they titled about the three musketeers. That is what I called my two brothers and me.

The thing about going on an adventure is that we know that there will be obstacles as well. The important thing is how we will handle those obstacles. We know how we have handled obstacles in the past whether good or bad. The good thing about being on this adventure is to handle the obstacles in a different manner. It could be that we just laugh about the obstacles. The adventure could be that we add humor to everything we do. Also, we could look and see what is going all around us. Maybe we have never done that before.

Any way I look forward to the adventure I call 2015. I hope that you enjoy your adventure of the year to the fullest in whatever manner you do it. 

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