Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Big One

Sunday the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots will be playing in the Super Bowl. Anyone who plays or wants to play in the National Football League dreams of playing in the Super Bowl. It is the highest honor for a player and most never gets to play in one. It is the second in a row for the Seahawks.

When you are an athlete or any profession in life you want to be performing at the highest level. I know for me writing my blog at the highest level would be an honor. Other sports like major league baseball playing in the World Series would be a dream come true as well.  In fact, someone who played baseball growing up and being the favorite sport it would be something great to do. Of course, being a professional baseball player in itself would be fantastic. Also, there are a lot of players in the minor leagues who never make the major leagues whether it is lack of talent or an injury that causes you to end your career.

I was a pretty good tennis player after high school. Making it as a professional and playing in Wimbledon would have been a dream come true. If I had known that I had talent to play tennis when I was real young I may have had a really good chance to make it professionally. There are some who will make it when they are older but the odds are against it.

 There are many players in the NFL including the Seahawks who have made it that never gave up no matter what people told them. They may have been told they were not big enough or fast enough to play but by working hard at it they made it. I believe it is important not to listen to other people who speak negative into our lives. It is important to find mentors who will speak positive things into us. If you are looking to go into something no matter how old you are do it and never give up.

I once was told by a professional tennis teaching instructor that it is not practice that makes you perfect it is perfect practice that makes you perfect. I believe that to be true wisdom. It is important to work at the highest level we can whether an athlete or an architect.

Enjoy yourself in being a fan of a sport and work at being the best at whatever you can so others will be a fan of yours. 

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