Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I believe that we all have dreams. I am saying more than what we have at night.  Other words for dreams maybe motivation or desire; it could be like said on Star Trek going where no man has gone before.

I am not sure what dreams mean that we have at night. In my case I do not remember many of my dreams though I have heard we dream every night. I have been told by close friends that I have been in their dreams. I am not sure what means either. Maybe they are being told what my happen in my future. The friends who have had me in their dreams do really not understand why I am in the dreams. Someday I am sure I will understand. It could be that those dreams will be fulfilled in my life.

For the athlete dreams motivate them to become the best they can be. They have the talent; however, hard work is getting them to where they want to be.  For example, if you are a marathon runner it is first to finish the race. The next step is too run faster and beat your best time. Your idea than is to win the race and finally be the best. Your next dream or goal would be to run in the Olympics and win the gold medal.  

I believe as long as we live we will not ever stop dreaming. We will not ever have all our dreams come true; however, as long as we breathe our lives will have true meaning and joy. What it takes is belief, faith, and perseverance.

At the beginning of January I mentioned that I was going to live this year as an adventure. The dreams I have help me to make the adventure. Keep on dreaming no matter what even if they seem to be impossible. I am sure each successful person began with a dream.   

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