Tuesday, February 3, 2015

So Close

If you were one that watched the Super Bowl game like I did the Seahawks should have or maybe could have beaten the Patriots. The final score was the Patriots 28-24.

The Seahawks had the ball on the Patriots one yard line with about 20 seconds remaining in the game. Quarterback Russell Wilson decided to the throw the ball that ended up being intercepted by the Patriots. It was a surprise by everyone except maybe the Patriots. Some called it the worst call ever made in the history of football. I am not sure whether I would go that far but it is near the top for sure.

I thought and surprised that they did not make the play for Marshawn Lynch to run the ball. Even if he did not make it they still had time to make another play. Another option would have been Russell Wilson faking to Lynch and run the ball in himself. My opinion you go with the best you have, and not try something that would not be the best which is what they did.

I think the biggest problem was the coaching staff was over thinking too much. In this day with so much technology it is so easy to analyze that you think too many options available. This so happens in football beginning with the players you have on your team along with having so many plays available. I believe overthinking can get you in so much trouble. It reminds me when in school I would put an answer down and then I would change the answer. Almost always the second answer was wrong, and the first answer I put down was the correct answer. I remember especially one test where I changed four answers and they were all wrong. The first answer I gave was the correct. If I stayed with the original answers I would have had 100 percent score on the test. I still came with a pretty good grade anyway. I did not lose the Super Bowl.

The thing is not only did the Seahawks lose the game which will come down in history as a blunder but will not make a legacy especially if they come back and win next year. In fact the so called experts have them already winning the Super Bowl. With the ages of the players being mostly young and becoming more mature plus they will not forget this game. Of course, they will not have all the same players return either. Also, their defensive coordinator is now the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons. It would be neat to meet them in the NFC championship game next year.

Though I can move on to my favorite sport of baseball with spring training starting in just a few weeks the Seahawks have several months to remember this game before starting another season. There are several players that will need to go into the hospital for surgeries. What a painful way to spend some time.

 A team like the Seahawks who consider themselves champions will rebound I am very sure. It is the reason many so called experts believe they will win the Super Bowl next year. Thanks again for a great season Seahawks look forward to next year. At this time I will start rooting on the Mariners in baseball. I look forward to writing about them and some of the players.

Enjoy your week. Continue to be a fan of whatever team you root for.

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