Friday, March 6, 2015

No News is Good News?

I am sure no one really believes that if they do not listen, watch, or read about the news they have to figure everything is good. The truth is that a lot of the news is more negative than anything. I guess most news people want to know is negative or bad. There is some good news that comes out as well that people want to know as well but it does not happen a lot.

There are those who spend a lot of time listening to news talk radio or television news. I find the problem is that usually those programs are slanted either to the left or to the right. Other words you have to take it with a grain of salt; however, there are those who truly believe in it. I do not do either very often.

The show I really like on television for news coverage is CBS This Morning. They give good coverage of national news. The other news channels give more entertainment more than anything else. The gals on CBS This Morning are very good looking which is a plus in my mind but they enjoy some positive news stories as well along with humor. Our local news coverage in the Seattle area is good at that as well.

I do not spend a lot of time listening, watching, or reading the news either. I do get the Tacoma newspaper but I generally scan the stories. I mainly read for the comics and sports section. Of course, a lot of the news in the paper is old news when it comes out. The Tacoma newspaper you can find on line as well other publications as well so it is updated a lot. The Seattle paper I will read occasionally on line as well. Through the social networking I have links to the newspaper and television so if I find a story I find interesting I will read about it. If it happens to be a big story either local or nationally I will turn on the television when at home.  The news can often be streamline on the internet as well. I know often my sister and brother will get on the local news here though they both live far off.

Though I am not a big fan of the news I do enjoy finding out the news in different places around the country or the world. This year with a lot of snow happening on the east coast I have checked on the weather to see what is going on. My cousin Christy and her husband David have links to the weather in British Columbia where they live most of the year, Arizona where they spend some time in the late fall and spring, and Edmonton, Alberta where their three sons live.

I find the best thing about the internet is that we can find out about anything going on anywhere in the world; however, we must be wise about it too. The most important thing is that we cannot take the internet too serious. I write from my perspective knowing that others do not necessarily agree with everything I say though I want to be encouraging in everything I write as well. Enjoy the news but keep the facts in order. Not everything written is for you to believe in its total context.  At this note have a wonderful weekend.

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