Monday, May 25, 2015

Do You Remember?

There are some things we remember very well. In fact we all know that there are things we remember from a long time ago while there are things we do not remember from yesterday or last week.

It is really funny how our minds really work. The thing is some people remember the whole experience while others only the highlights. I give you an example; on May 18, 1980 I remember Mt. St. Helen’s erupting and there was a lot of ash all over the place even though here in Gig Harbor is probably at least one hundred miles away, and the ash actually covered many parts of Washington State. There was an old gentleman named Harry Truman the same as the late president and may even been related refused to leave and died that day on the volcano eruption. He was not the only one though he is the one I remember. I know the destruction that happened that day but was I watching on TV or a few days later. Most likely that evening because I think that I was working that day. I know others remember exactly where they were that day.

I can give many other examples of experiences that have happened over my life, and I am sure you can do as well. I look back at yesterday, and I know that I went out for coffee, and who I saw. I know that I watched some of the Seattle Mariners game as well; however, some of yesterday is a blank. If I think more about it I am sure I will come up with some things.

I believe our minds work in a fashion what we find important to us. What I believe what is important are the people but the rest is OK at best. I know that the good things and in some cases the bad things I remember. There are some bad things I choose to block out.

When I look back at the past especially my child-hood it feels like things may have happened to someone else, a blur or a different lifetime at least. If you go back in my blogs like a couple years ago I wrote about our family trip across Canada for the summer. I really enjoyed the time we spent at Peggy’s Cove along with the Gas Bay in Quebec. I do remember other things that happened as well but in all feels so different now.

I know we all have a giant database that is called our brain. I look forward to remembering more of what is in that brain of mine. I have written some of my experiences in this blog; however, I look forward to so even more in the future. I hope that you are able to recall experiences that you have had over the many years as well.

This is the reason that it is important to write down our experiences for others to hear or read about them in the future. We have so much to offer other people whether it is history like Mt. St. Helen’s volcano eruption or last Thursday when I went in for my procedure to remove kidney stones. Every chapter of our lives is important; hopefully, we can remember as many chapters as possible. When we are older we lose those memories. I look forward to sharing everyone with more of my stories whether in the past or present. Have a wonderful week making new memories.

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