Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Having Fun!

I just decided to start a community called “Life Experience” mainly after the writing of this blog where any of you can write similar experiences like I write on this blog.

This time of the year we need to look at having fun. I write a lot of my childhood experiences here; however, we all have to realize that we can have fun as adults as well. I know that many people do have fun when they go to a ball game whether it is baseball, basketball, or football as fans doing a lot of screaming for their favorite team. Also, people take it serious especially when their teams are not doing so well. Of course, many go to their children ballgames as well to watch. There are those who take it serious as well.

Life can be real serious and things can be stressful being adults. If you are not into sporting events you can have fun playing board games, going to a concert, activities, or a hobby that you make work on in your garage. Of course, you can have fun watching television or reading a book as well. Some enjoy video games or doing things on the internet. There are so many ways we can have fun in our lives.

I enjoy going for a walk almost every day and spending time at the coffee shop and grocery store. I have fun being around people as much as I can. Writing here is another activity I enjoy doing very much as well. I enjoy thinking about what has happened in my life during the past, and look forward to putting on paper and on line.

This morning like I do other mornings I did a search about something I want to share or find an image that I can save to put on as well. So I went ahead and found some images about having fun. I found many of them being quite interesting and saved some of them which you will see on line. One I really found interesting saying “Having fun while you are old otherwise you will be old”. I have to say that is something really to think about for sure. Though we are adults and no longer being a child there a part of us that still feels young. Often though we may be over fifty in our heart and in our mind we think of ourselves as being in our twenties if not younger; however, we are not able to do a lot of things we can at that age we can still work at it. This is really true if we have grandchildren where we can play with them and spoil them rotten before giving them back to their parents.

Another great way to have fun is going on vacation. Getting older it is harder to take trips by plane; however, many senior citizens can travel around the area they live in. Of course, like many in Washington State go to Arizona during the winter and early spring time. It is time to get away from the cold and enjoy the sun and warmer weather. I think it is fun to see another area of the country at the same time as well.

I hope soon that I will be able to travel around the  United States and other parts of the world; however, I hope my health will help me to be able to do so. Another reason I do some walking because I see older people who are not able to walk very well. I know that some of it has to do with their health but that is the reason to stay in good enough shape along with eating a good diet. These days I see a lot of young people who are not eating a good diet and I think that they will not live a long life unless they change their eating habits. I admit that I have not eaten the proper way myself during these adult years especially with so many fast food restaurants around. Here in Gig Harbor we have so many restaurants now that those I would not consider fast food are still very unhealthy.  Even the coffee shops that I attend have unhealthy things to eat as well. Right now I look at eating less and eating those unhealthy things only once in a while. I am not talking about once a week or two but no more often than once a month.

I had high blood pressure so now I work at eating little that has sodium in it. Also, the kidney stones that I had to have taken out back in last April there are certain things I can no longer eat. I know that changing our eating habits is not an easy thing to do for any of us; however, it is important to do so we can stay healthy and continue having fun.

My mother is ninety-five years old and if you met her you would see that she still looks pretty healthy. Though she walks slowly and just stopped driving about a month ago she still has a very sound mind. She plays bridge two or three times a week along with reading books and is able to spend good time with friends. It is hard to know how long this will continue at her age but right now so good. She does not travel much anymore, and none by air however she hopes to be healthy enough to travel a grandson’s wedding in St. Louis, Missouri next year. In that case she will fly by plane but that is a special exception. I hope that I will be able to have the same fun and health when I get to her age. We can all hope so and something to be very thankful about.  

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