Tuesday, December 8, 2015

This is the Season

Here in the northwest we are getting a lot of rain this week. In fact Portland, Oregon had three inches on Monday and everywhere looked like a lake. We do get a lot of rain in November; however, this week the rain will be like what we have for a full month. Another weird thing is the temperature has risen up to 60 degrees. The last that happened in the 1960s; the temperatures though will go back into the 40s later in the week which will help the snow pack.

I do find it strange especially since we had so little rain and a lot of sun for six month. I thought back then maybe we will never have rain again and now maybe no sun again. I believe this is God’s sense of humor let us know that he is in charge as well.

For all of us it is the best season of the year in regards to having a good time and think of others. There are other times of the year I think about people but this time of the year I think about almost everyone that is real close to me. For example I think about my late brother and my dad on their birthdays as well as in early June. They both died a year apart from each other and of course Father’s Day is in June. Like other family members that are no longer with us in this life I think throughout the year; however, December is so very important for those I spent time with during this holiday season. I am speaking about Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and cousins along with related in-laws. It is a strange feeling because I don’t think of them being dead in some respects they are just absent and I will see them again. I am sure most people feel the same way that I do in respect. I really do feel that I will see them all again.

Another thing that makes this time of the year so great is tradition. Every family has a tradition whether it has to do with getting a Christmas tree, whose place they may go for the holiday, where they buy presents, when presents are unwrapped, and what they eat for dinner. When the children get married those traditions will change to some degree or another; this is what makes the holiday season a great time of the year. I look back at all the years to see where I spent Christmas. So whatever the traditions you have enjoy them all and if necessary change them to fit the occasion. Most of all think of all the family members that are no longer around to enjoy. Happy Holidays!

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