Monday, May 16, 2016

Being Bold

Right now a lot of people think the world is going to hell in a handbasket. It certainly looks like that in many ways. Everyday another issue seems to come up that makes me shake my head. I don’t have to mention exactly what they are because most people know them without me mentioning them. I get amazed that some of my relatives think some of these people are at the top of these issues have so much courage. They are admired by so many people that are for the issue and those who are accepting.

These same people will say that those who speak up against these same issues are being judgmental which a wrong thing to say. In my mind these same people who are for the issue are just as much judgmental if not more so than those against them. Though I am against these issues myself in my mind what issue should stand up for and those we should not. Other words we have to pick our battles.

I have spoken before about our purpose and destiny. This is where I want to go with being bold. I believe the reason I was put on this earth is to give hope to the hopeless. I have had to struggle through living in depression and dark places at times in my life and I know that there is hope at the end of the tunnel. I know to that I may go back into those dark places in the future however I know to that the battle is on and again I will make out of the tunnel. I have to recognize the dark place and say in my mind that I am not going to live there again.

I believe the boldness is not just speaking out about the issues we take seriously or about our purpose in this life. Boldness is acting out on our purpose and destiny as well. For example in my case is not only to speak hope to the hopeless it is to show hope in my life to those all around me. It is in my action and how I life that people will see the hope that I live in. Often people see our actions more than they do what we say especially with a loud voice. We all need to live the life of our purpose and destiny. It is in us and through us. We are our purpose and the purpose is us. Whatever you have found to be your purpose in life it will give hope to those around you. The most important thing I believe is whatever you do must be with intention of love. If you are involved against any of the issues that are happening right now show those that are coming against you a whole lot of love. The love will overcome come evil with good.

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