Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Funny Papers

I know millions have similar routine when getting up in the morning. It is ready the morning paper. I still enjoy reading the paper copy though I know many read on line now.

I begin by scanning the front page seeing the top stories. With the internet and all we know the stories have already happened. After scanning the front page I read the comics and the sports pages. This is what I have been doing for many years. Peanuts, Dennis Menace and Garfield are still among my favorites. When I finish reading the sports section and I go back to front page to read further on those that interest me. Some days I don’t read any of them. I continue on scanning the rest of the paper and read whatever interest me. Occasionally I will read the obituaries unlike my mother who reads them every day. There are days where someone she has known is listed there. I tell her at least her obituary is not there.

Throughout the day I will read stories on line primarily from local television stations that I follow on Twitter or Facebook. Also I follow several sport writers as well. This is really great way to keep up with what is going on in the world.

When I was a kid the daily paper did not arrive until the evening except on Sunday mornings. On Sunday’s I had to make sure that I was up and going before dad or I had to wait for some time to read the comics and sports section. Though dad did not read the sports section they were together with the comics. Dad loved the comics so much he took several minutes reading them all and laughing the whole time. If I did get the paper before he did I was able to read the comics. As soon as he showed up in the living room I had to give him the comics no matter whether I was done reading them or not. On the positive side I at least was able to read the sports as long as I wanted too.

Though my brothers were into reading the paper they were not excited as much as me. Usually they slept in where I was done with the paper when they got up. At that point they could fight over the comics. My younger brother would read the sports section to if he had the time or he would just ask me what happened. My older brother had no interest in the sports section however he loved the comics as much as dad but not as much as sleep; boy do I miss those wonderful times.

I just finished reading the comics and sports section before writing you. I now go and scan the rest of the paper. Have a great day you all.

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