Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Looking Back and Forward

 Now that 2016 is coming to a close we can look back on the year and see what we learned. Are we better people than we were in 2015? Did we have an impact on others even in small ways? We should think about that for the remaining days of this year. I am sure that we can improve in 2017 however we have come a ways already.

The most important thing is to think less of ourselves and more of others. This is the true key of being a successful person. This does not mean that we think less of ourselves just more of those we have contact with on a daily basis whether we know them well or not. Also doesn’t mean that everything went well for us in 2016.

Most of us I am sure lost a close friend or family member in 2016. My cousin Bronwen died of cancer in August and two dear friends a week before Christmas lost their lives in a house fire in Italy. Neither of these I would have expected at the beginning of 2016. I am sure most of us don’t think we will lose specific people in the year.

Highlights of 2016 were the wedding of my nephew Ian and his bride Helen in August while my mother had her ninety-sixth birthday in September. Ian and Helen are spending their holiday right now in New York City with her parents. My brother and his wife Anne are in New York now after having Christmas with their other children. Mother keeps in pretty good health these days and is able to move along pretty well though a bit slower. Hard to know at this point how much longer our family will have her around for. She is the last of her generation in our family. She has some good friends that help out at her age. She astounds others who meet her with her charm, memory and whit. She has stories and poems that she will bring out at any time that are very funny along with telling about growing up in Canada during the depression and her work being a censor during World War 2. She has seen a lot during all these ninety-six years.

The country and the world lost at least three big names during 2016 with the deaths of Muhammad Ali, Arnold Palmer and most recent Zsa Zsa Gabor. The all touched us in their own way. All three I knew all of my life from when I remember things; Ali the great boxer, Palmer the golfer and Gabor the actress; what a three-some for sure.

Now we look forward to 2017. The United States will have a new leader at the helm in President Donald Trump. Sort of interesting to say those words; at the beginning of 2016 no one would have thought that except maybe Mr. Trump himself.  For some it will be good change, to others an awful change, and the remaining a wait and see approach. The next four years and who knows beyond could be interesting to say the least. As far as I know the United States has never had a president like we will have in 2017.

In my mind we must continue to become what we want to be. Our family and friends along with the possibility the rest of the world will need what we can give. We should recognize more the purpose and destiny in why we are put on this earth. At the very least we should make it fun anyway. Until next time enjoy the rest of 2016.

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