Monday, February 6, 2017

The World Is Changing

These days the world is changing and it seems to happen on a daily basis. Everyone has to keep up to technology because it changing at a faster rate all the time.

Video on line started out with YouTube and then Apple now you can do it through social media. You can do it taped or live whichever way you want to. Whatever way it ends no one knows.  Actually it probably won’t end.

Do you buy the new technology of today or wait until next week or next month. I guess you have to decide what the best is for you now whether take it now or wait.

Now you not only have the blog like I write each day to encourage you or tell you what I am up to or what memories that I have or places in the area. I look forward to where I do more traveling and I can have you come along with me. Now you can view people through vlog where they have live video so you can see what they are up to right now or wait for the time where it is more convenient for you.

Cable television used to be the big thing now it is getting more obsolete though many of us still do the old fashion way.  The other options are much cheaper than cable. Now you can see your favorite programs on your cell phone or lap top or I pad. You can see the programs anytime you want. Don’t have to see them live as well.

The same goes for music how it has evolved since MTV. I am sure that listening to music will change in the future as well. Back many moons ago when people listened to eight tracks than cd’s the music will be much different to listen as well.

The news we can see in so many different ways today as well. No longer it is in the newspaper or television where it old when we hear or read it. We can see or hear it as soon as it happens in the same way that you listen to music. Now live on social media. Six months from now we likely see or hear the news different than right now.

One thing for sure is that the world is not just changing it getting closer as well. You will probably be able to see and know my home town of Gig Harbor, Washington better than now in the same as New York or Paris or London or Hong Kong.  You will feel like that you are right there without going anywhere.

It will be amazing to see where we will be at on February 6, 2018.  Whether this all for the good or not we will find out that is for sure. Most likely we will not have any privacy or we will have to find a way to hide it better. Until next time enjoy the world today tomorrow it will not be the same in so many ways.  



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