Thursday, July 20, 2017

Mind Goes Blank

We all know that writers get a block once in a while when writing. It is called writers block. I thought I was going to write about something specific but I my mind went blank right now. It was there a few minutes ago and I am sure it will return soon however it is important to write something so here goes anyway.

The purpose of my blog is for all of to realize that we have a purpose in life. For everyone it is different and unique. We may have purposes that are similar but still unique. It is the same way that people look like. There are people that look similar especially identical twins but they still have unique personality and interests this goes the same for our purpose in life.

The whole thing about purpose it sometimes does take a while for us to figure out what it is. I know mine is to encourage others whether it comes to personnel interaction or writing this blog.

The main encourage is to let people know that they are unique and were created for a purpose in this life. Often we can’t figure out why we are here at all but that is the truth. God created us in his image most of all but he wanted to give us life to enjoy and for purpose that belongs to us only.

I recommend that if you are still trying to figure out what your purpose and destiny in this life take some time alone. Often life gets so busy it is hard to figure things out however spending time alone will bring things to our minds. I want to give you the best of times right now and be the best that you can be. Fulfill your dreams and purposes.

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