Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Productive Life

I am sure we all have our own idea what a productive or maybe should call it a successful life.

Do you feel that you have had a productive and successful life so far? I know personally I am working on it especially knowing what my purpose and destiny is. It took me a lot of years to figure that out. I would not say my life is exactly where I would like it to be however it is getting closer every day. There are desires that I am still waiting to happen and when they do then I can say it is a productive and successful life. In the meantime I will be directing myself that direction.

What I find sad and possibly disturbing are those who have died before their time should have ended. Other words their life ended way too early. I think of young people who die because of poor health, an accident or the worst thing committing suicide. They were never able to reach and experience the fullness of life. For example not falling in love, getting married and having children.

I have known individuals who learned about an illness that in the end killed them however they had such faith going through what they did before the tragic time of death. I wonder though even if we don’t see them having a life that was successful in their minds they did. Often it is important to hear not how long you lived but what did you do with the time you did live.

My mother is now ninety-seven years old and she has had a wonderful productive life. She is still in pretty good health for her age and she still is able to do things like playing bridge a couple times a month. She used to play more often like twice a week but she is fine with only twice a month now. Her memory makes her forget things however they are more what day the week is or what bills are to be paid. She still has memories of her years she has lived. Also she has poems or sayings that she remembers from long ago and she tells people at the right time. In fact most of them are pretty funny and for the right occasion. I call it she has something for every occasion. It is hard to know how much longer she will live but she does keep going on though at a slower pace. I think we would all be blessed to have her life.

Anyway think about it all the things you have accomplished and those things you are still looking to accomplish. Don’t let the darkness that may be in your mind get the best of you. Like last year’s them keep pressing on and I know that you will make. Encourage everyone especially those who really need it. God bless you and peace be with you. Amen!

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