Friday, January 12, 2018

There is Laughter

We all go through struggles and heartache at times however laughter is good medicine. At is what I have heard and I believe it is true. We should all laugh at least once a day no matter what is going on in our lives.

I believe laughter is healthy and keep us in a good mind. I know  we have all lost a love one at one time or another and laughter is good to keep us sane otherwise we would go insane. I know we have things we can laugh about when it comes to those that are no longer around besides what happens on a daily basis.

I have a sense of humor that I use on a daily basis. It allows me to be happy most of the time even when times are troublesome. I have had struggles over the years especially when I was a child however laughter kept me on good footing. I have looked at pictures from my childhood and every one of them I was smiling in. Of course I could have been asked to smile but I do think it was more that I was happy even during troubled times. Laughter and humor is a good part of my life. It should be part of everyone’s life. When we encourage others let them know even when trouble times come and they will having laughter and joy will help us get through those times. The important thing is that we deal with our true feelings as well. So if you have trouble laughing find a way to do so or some other avenue to keep you sane and stable.   

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