Friday, January 5, 2018

Thinking of Family

Right now I am thinking of my family on the east coast. Here in the Pacific Northwest this year has started off on solid footing far as the weather goes. The temperatures are normal for winter however my sister in Quebec, Canada the temperatures are below zero with some snow but quite windy as well being up to 40 km/h.

My nephew Danny is finishing off his senior year at Harvard University. They have had quite the blizzard going on the last couple days in the Boston area. My brother Jack, my niece Leslie and husband Daniel, and nephew Robby in the north Virginia area are having cold temperature however thankful not the snow like Danny is having. Nephew Ian and wife Helen in New York have temperatures about the same as northern Virginia with the gusty winds like my sister is having. I do hope they all stay warm and safe this weekend.

The good news mother and I are expecting Jack to come out from north Virginia for a visit in a couple weeks. Of course it will depend on the weather as well. We will be seeing him over the weekend before he has scheduled business meeting in Seattle on Monday.

Normally we have a visit from Jack once a year however with a business meeting we will see him twice this year. This will depend on if he has any more meetings that may take place in Seattle.

My nephew Ken who lives in Montreal and is experiencing the same weather plans to come for a visit in March or April. At the same time Jack will be here Ken will be taking his first trip to Paris, France. I am sure he will have a good time and look forward to hear all about it.

It is hard to be distance away from immediate family. It would be nice to be a bit closer but it is what it is I have to say. Wherever your family is whether close or far away I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed 2018.

Before letting you go I found out something fascinating my cousin Jennifer who lives in Oregon now wrote a short story called “Let’s do it. I let her now that is what the theme for my blog is this year. I look forward to reading it. Many blessing to you all.

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