Thursday, February 8, 2018

Mighty Men and Women

In the old testament of the Bible King David of Israel had a group of men that were mighty warriors that came along aside him. They were known as the Thirty. They had exploits that I am not sure any have come in battle ever since. They killed thousands at a time. We all have heard the story of David and Goliath. As a teenager David brought down Goliath who was the strongest and tallest man of his time for the enemy of Israel. Every man in Israel was afraid of Goliath. One day David who was a sheepherder came to the frontlines where his older brothers were at. He heard not only the insults against his people but those against his Mighty God. So in his heart he knew that he had to take down this giant. He didn’t care that he was considered a young boy however he had the experience of being a sheepherder that killed large animals who tried to kill his sheep so without further thinking he took down Goliath with a slingshot. He knew that he could take down this enemy with what he had and didn’t need anything more.

In our day now most of us don’t have enemies in the natural world we have to take down. Some of our countries are in wars and we have armies that are protecting us. I hope that these men are mighty warriors as well.

There is a world that we don’t see with our natural eyes however it is still out there and it is the spiritual world. We have enemies that want to bring us down every day. Most of the thoughts we have in our minds is what they are fighting against. The negative thoughts that come into our minds come from these enemies in the spiritual world. We may not realize it they not only don’t like us they hate us with all their being. They know what we are capable if we ever meet our purpose and destiny. They make every effort for us to never come close to our purpose and destiny. So what do we do? With the help of God and his mighty warriors we can bring down these haters and enemies of ours. The first thing we have to do is recognize and know that we are in this war. Anytime these thoughts that come into our minds that we know are from hell itself we must fight back. I am not saying this too encourage you only but myself as well. Actually it is more than encourage it is to motivate us to be like David and his might men. Yes indeed we are mighty men and women as well we just have to recognize the fact. So when your mind has these thoughts that you know don’t come from your time to fight back. I am sure that we will find more peace when we get the victory against them. We don’t fight on our own but with the help of God. Press on and let it happen. Amen!

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