Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Looking Where to Take Your Purpose?

When it comes to our purpose we don’t always know where to go with it if the gift or talent we just found out is new. Often we use the talents that we have known for years on our job or volunteer work. A new talent discovered could work in either of those places or a new place. My recommendation is to see where it works in places you go to now. Often a new talent or gift will work with those that you have used already.

Another idea is try the gift with your friends. The most important thing to know is the gift was given to you for helping others. Most likely you have had the gift for a while but only discovered it. Remember the gifts are not just for your benefit only they are for others.

I believe a new gift happens when we take a risk. Years ago I decided to try out for a play that was going to be performed at my church. The director put a sign up for tryouts so I decided to go for it. I had been in a play when I was in junior high but it was a very small part. Growing up like many people I didn’t do well in front of crowds but now being an adult I felt more comfortable doing so. Anyway there were not many men trying out for parts. Most of the tryouts were by women and children so it gave me a good chance to see what I could do. I knew with the small amount of men I would at least get a small part in the play. I was amazed reading some lines from the play that I was somewhat good at acting. At my surprise the director gave me the second male role. After the first run of the play people came up and told me how good I was in the play. I ended up acting in three other plays at the church. I could have had the lead in a couple of them however I was going to school at the time so I felt I couldn’t give the time to prepare for the roles but I did play minor roles. It now has been some time since I have been in a play but I do know that when the opportunity arises I can do so and at the same time I feel comfortable in front of people.

So for us to discover some of our gifts and talents we have to take a risk. We may become surprised by what happens and where we can use them to.

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