Thursday, August 30, 2018

Learn From One Another

Whether it is listening to someone or reading material we can learn from one another. I am spending more time reading other bloggers who write about life purpose as well. I don’t necessarily read the whole thing because I do more scanning than anything. I will read more when I see a good point.

One thing that I find that we all are in agreement is that when it comes to life’s purpose it has nothing to do with one thing. We are not defined by our purpose. Other words I don’t define myself as an encourager or a writer. I spent a lot of my time doing so but I am more complex than that. The same goes for what job you have along with other things.

These days a lot of women work outside the home even though they may be a wife and a mother. You are not defined by being a nurse or whatever your occupation is or wife or mother. It is the same way for those who don’t work and are a homemaker. We are all more complexed then our occupation or any purpose in our lives. I hope this encourages you especially during the times that you may feel depressed. We have all been given several talents and gifts. I can use any of them while writing or encouraging others. This goes the same for you as well. There might be one that are best known for but doesn’t take the way that you will use others as well.

We can become better listeners or readers as I have mentioned earlier. This will help us get even better at our purpose in life. This should be our goal at all times to be the best that we can be. Amen!

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