Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Let Love and Joy Be Your Banner

We all have a purpose however we should show it in a way that others will see it. I figure it all begins with Love and joy. It should be our banner that stands strong and bright.

Love will speak volumes to others. I feel that love though is something we all have to learn. I certainly know that I do. Joy I feel is a bit easier to come by. They both have something that we can do with them and that is our choice to love and have joy. People will see us in another way when we give one or the other however is good to show both at the same time.

I believe people will feel encouraged by the love we share with them. It brings others hope and faith in mankind as well. The most important thing though to go with love, hope, faith and joy is being us.

What we should do with all this is being the person we want others to be around us. Look forward to more with the purpose we are living out on a daily basis. Amen!

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