Thursday, August 16, 2018

Reaching Out

The greatest thing we can do in life is to reach out to others. There are some people feel depressed because they believe that no one cares about them and that really is not the truth at all.
All we have to do is say hello or give them a nice smile. I know a few people that feel uncomfortable in doing so because they don’t want to be involved in small talk however that is all some people have to offer. This is especially true if you don’t know the other person. On the other hand you can just ask if there is something that you can do for them or how their day is going.
I find the most important thing is to be sure you are interested in them. We all have heard the words often enough “how is your day going”.  I find in many cases people do want to know how your day is going but there are those who say it to get by in conversation. I hope that most do want to know the day you are having and not just to say it. Of course the problem with the question though is most will say I am OK.  This is even true when they are not. Sometimes you just don’t want to share how you are feeling or doing. Also I have experienced it where I had a response back “that’s nice” even when I said I wasn’t good.
The important thing though we become honest with one another. We can have a better life this way. We can find out who really cares about us and those who don’t. Although it would be nice if everyone did care but that is not really going to happen. We are not in a perfect world and some people only are looking out for themselves and maybe a few other people. It is amazing that we want to have approval from everyone. We get down on ourselves when someone doesn’t care.
So let us reach out showing that we do care. A great way to spend our time and our life; I do know that many already care but we should do more than we have up to this time. I am not here to put anyone down but to encourage us all to do even a better job than we are doing now.

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