Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Back To Normal

Now that the kids are back in school life is back to normal as well. At least that is how it feels anyway.
September is almost always a nice month when it comes to the weather. The temperatures are a little cooler but in the seventies still. The rain is still a couple weeks from returning  so traveling around Washington state is  good if you don’t have children or they are all grown up at least.
I give you a good example going to the San Juan Islands. Not only is the weather is good and the islands are pretty the ferries are no longer overcrowded. I am sure the cost of lodging is less as well. You can not only see the sites with less people you can talk to the locals a lot easier as well. The San Juan Islands is only one of the good spots to visit in Washington State there are others like Mt. Rainier, the Olympic mountains, the Washington coast, Leavenworth and Winthrop to name a few. 
Although most people are back to their normal life if you have the time you can wait to get back to it yourself. A great way to spend time relaxing before getting back to your life of purpose; I am sure you figured I throw that in here too.
Enjoy your day in whatever fashion that you do. Having a normal day or even an extraordinary can be fun.

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