Sunday, September 9, 2018

Surrounded By The Opposition

Friday night I went to the Mariners game at Safeco Field in Seattle to see them play the New York Yankees. I knew there likely were a lot of Yankee fans at the game however I didn’t know how many until one of their batters hit a home run in the second inning when a large applause happened.

This made me think often we are around people that are rooting for the other team as well. What I mean by that they don’t think the same way we do unless you are at church or a political rally. Every day we run into people who we may call as friends or fellow employees but they don’t think the same way we do. They likely come from another upbringing where they never attend church or their political view point is opposite of ours. Also it can be they have a different personality as well. We are all created unique so that means we are all wired differently to. Often we get along because we choose to but doesn’t change that we are surrounded by the opposition. It is all good if we realize that it is OK to be around Yankee fans. LOL.

Another thing is we are all spiritual beings though we may not practice it so much but we are. I am saying this because we have Satan or the Devil or whatever name you want to stamp on him that opposes us and he puts thoughts in our minds that are not really our own. So he is an opposing force that we have to fight against every day. He can use other people to put thoughts in our minds that we are not valued at all. We all have friends but those who are not friends many of them probably don’t care much about us though they may be kind to us. We can see this by how popular we are with others besides those close to us.

What we must do is be friends with those who look like they don’t have friends at all. This will add to our list of friends besides likely the ones we are called out to reach in our purpose. We were destined to meet up with them as well.

Anyway do your very best to treat others kindly though they have an opposing view on things and then go to battle on the thoughts that are in your mind that is contrary to your way of thinking. Let Satan know you won’t accept the thoughts he puts in your mind. So resist him and he will flee away.

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