Saturday, November 10, 2018

Fall On Your Knees

This is the third line in verse two and three of Oh Holy Night. There really is something about us to fall on our knees. The purpose is to honor God.

While we are on our knees we can lift our hands to praise God and give him adoration. Also a way for us to surrender ourselves to our Mighty God.
Many churches do this a lot during their services however a good thing to remember and acknowledge during the Christmas season.

Falling on our knees allows us to humble ourselves as well. We will think less of us and more of God along with our fellow man.

To honor God, worship him and humble ourselves are good steps in living a life of purpose. We were created for these reasons.

I know it may feel too early to think of the Christmas season though some do so at the beginning of November it is a real way to put our lives together. I am not into singing or hearing a lot of Christmas songs yet but there are some like Oh Holy Night we can do so right now. Enjoy your weekend and be blessed.

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