Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Is It or Not

When it comes to our lives and those we know is it or not. In other terms yes or no are the answers to our lives.

Whatever is happening in our lives today or in the past for that matter or in the future it does come down to is it or not involved in the equation. We can say yes or no.

The reason for our purpose in life is not only to help answer the questions of is it or not but helping those we know to answer the same questions.

Often we have to choose to decide is it or not or yes or no. I have to say not always an easy thing to do for sure. I know right now I can say yes because it is first thing in the morning here for me but several hours from now I could be saying no instead. I just hope not or I can choose yes despite what might be happening to me or those around me.

As you know if you have read my posts for a while my purpose is to encourage others and I have to encourage myself often as well.

We are in a battle every single day making decisions that can change our lives. Not an easy task at times for sure. This reason we need to have mentors or friends to help us answer the hard questions we can’t answer ourselves.

This Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the United States so it is a day for being thankful for what we have. It isn’t always easy to be thankful when we are going through rough patches but we are better if we do so. This goes for gratitude as well which is a close cousin to thanksgiving. So whether you celebrate Thanksgiving as a holiday or not take the time out and be thankful. Amen!

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