Thursday, November 8, 2018

Sleep in Heavenly Peace

This is the last two lines in the first verse of Silent Night to sleep in heavenly peace.

I have to say there is nothing greater thing we can do when we go to bed at night to sleep in heavenly peace. I believe often we do so. This allows us to wake up the next morning refreshed and to begin a new wonderful day no matter how yesterday had turned out. Indeed every morning is new and the past is just a memory.

I believe it is exciting to think about these holiday and Christmas songs the words that go with them. Of course some of the songs are just fun and not a lot of meaning to them however there are those have such wonderful words to them just like Silent Night. I look forward to sharing them this season for us to receive meanings that can be personal for each of us. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season beyond whatever you have had in the past. Amen!

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