Thursday, November 1, 2018

Spending Time With Others

I believe the number one thing to do is spending time with others. I am sure there are those who disagree and don’t do so. In fact there are those who like having a dog or a cat instead however I like being around people though animals are okay as well.

Often people are entertaining to me. I am sure there are those who are not however I find most allow me to be entertained. Wherever I go it is nice to watch people to but again it is how I see things.

I know some people are hard to get along with but if you keep those thoughts out of your mind a lot better. There are those like to share what is going on with them while others prefer not to. This is what makes life exciting.

I recommend spending time with others whether for a short period or longer. I find doing so with more people works out too. I am not sure how people feel about spending the time with me but so far I believe it works out. I am one of those who will strike up a conversation even with a stranger. This morning I did with a couple of ladies I don’t know. I found out from one of them because she arrived first what they were going to meet about. I always find this being fascinating. So just take the time and talk to a stranger or someone you don’t know so well. Actually a stranger is someone you don’t know very well. Next time you will be able to have a better conversation and never know might become really good friends.  

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