Saturday, November 3, 2018

Tis the Season

I know a few who enjoy Christmas music all year long and others start now in November. In fact one of the local radio stations is now playing Christmas music through the end of the year. The Hallmark channel is showing Christmas movies. I am not really into this until after Thanksgiving or when December comes. I figure this year to have Christmas theme when it comes to my posts here. So I am beginning with "Tis the Season.

Being single like I am this time of the year is not an easy one. I am sure other singles feel the same way as well all depending on your age. I know it is true for those who are married as well. For example if you have lost someone close to you especially this year or someone you lost this time of the year.  You feel having them not around is not the same. Very understandable I think of my dad and my older brother who each has been gone for a while how Christmas used be when the whole family was together.

Those who feel this way this time of the year we need to direct our thoughts and feelings in another way. The possibility is to find others in the same way have lost loved ones or are single to enjoy each other’s company. To share something new or feel good together; being a friend to each other. Let this season being good and not feeling sad. Until next time enjoy your weekend and this season.

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