Sunday, December 2, 2018

Hope This Season

If you know the story of baby Jesus Mary and Joseph had to go to Bethlehem where to register the family. Since there were so many people by the time they arrived no rooms were available in town. Joseph decided to take whatever they could get so he and pregnant Mary likely stayed in a barn where Jesus was born. They were able to get a blanket and a manger was available to put Jesus in. No one in Bethlehem knew the meaning of this child until the three wise men arrived from the East bringing gifts to the child they believed was the messiah.

In those days the people of Israel were hoping for the Messiah to come though they didn’t recognize him. He was the hope for the nation. They were looking for a king that not only rule them but give them a better life than being ruled by the Roman government. They had no idea the reason he had truly come for them and the whole world. His purpose was to forgive their sins and give a spiritual life. Also they had no idea he came to die on a cross for their lives either. Even when the event happened they still were unclear his reason.

So you see Jesus Christ came to give us hope for a future not only in this life but the one after we die. All we have to do is accept him as our savior and acknowledge our sins. Also to ask him to forgive our sins of the past, present and future; it is very simple thing to do. If you feel you don’t deserve to be forgiven than you’re the candidate to be forgiven all you have to do is ask him into your heart. At that moment your life will change forever. I know because my life changed when I did so.

Not only take the true hope of this world during this season pass it on to others as well. Let them know their lives can change forever. All you have to do is believe and have faith in Jesus Christ. Amen!

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