Monday, February 18, 2019

Having Hugs

Their several subjects I thought about writing today, however, I decided on hugs.

I do know hugs happening will depend on your culture or yourself personally. I know some cultures don’t hug at all while others do a lot or some have it in between.

Where I live here in Western Washington USA there is those who do hug while others don’t so much. I find hugging is a part of greeting in some cases. Instead of giving a handshake a person gives a hug instead. A hug most likely is a sign of affection. You may hug someone you haven’t seen for a long time or they are a close friend or family.

I know too there are those in cultures like mine where it may or may not happen I would not be offended if being hugged. There are some people who love to hug no matter who the other person is. I know too there are those who feel hugging invades their personal space. If you are one of those people and someone hugs you I would just let it go. I am sure you don’t get hugged very often.

When traveling it is a good idea to know the customs of hugging in the country you are going to. If you are from a country or culture where hugging is forbidden than make sure the people know that. If it is just your personal space than let it happen it isn’t going to hurt you that much.

I personally enjoy getting a hug though it doesn’t happen to me on a regular basis. In fact, it could be the reason I do enjoy hugs because it isn’t a regular occurrence.

Anyway, just some friendly advice regarding getting hugs. I know there are other things we need to cross barriers as well when stepping into other cultures. I may get to them at a later date. Have yourself a great week. 

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