Sunday, March 10, 2019

Time Change

I always find when the time changes like this early morning interesting. I actually woke up just before 2 am then fell back to sleep for a little over an hour then woke up to just after 4.

I figure you have to go to bed an hour early or sleep in an hour later. Those who don’t pay attention are going to show up late to work or church. I actually went to bed a little early and slept a little longer so combined the two.

I am glad that my cell phone and computer both change the time automatically so all I have to do is change the clocks. The one that challenges me the most is the one in the car.  

There has been talking here in Washington state to have the time stay the same all year long instead of changing twice. I am up for that long as they pick the best time to stay with.

Anyway, enjoy your day even though it is probably an adjustment for you. 

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