Thursday, April 18, 2019

Maundy Thursday

During this Holy Week, this day is called Maundy Thursday. It means commandment in Latin. Jesus spent his last Passover with his disciples which included a meal. This is like communion when you break bread in remembrance of him.

At least here in the United States families don’t eat a meal together as often as they used too. I know in Europe they still do so on a regular basis. Jesus felt strongly that we should eat together as often as possible with family and friends. In the same manner as he still wants to have a relationship with us.

For some going to church is just a religious experience. The rest of the time they have no thoughts of Christ or God but he wants that to change. He wants to fellowship and a meal with us on a regular basis. So come together as often as possible to remember him well as spending time with family. Amen!

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