Wednesday, May 8, 2019

A Road Trip

Right now I figure that I am going to take a short road trip on Thursday.

I will be heading north on highway 16 here on the Kitsap Peninsula. Where I live in Gig Harbor, Washington is the beginning of the peninsula.

I will be going through Bremerton which is the largest city on the route. The biggest employer in Bremerton is the Naval Shipyard. It has been around a long time. My grandfather Nightingale when he came to Washington State had his first job at the shipyard. After a few years, he transferred to Tacoma where he worked as an engineer for the electric company where he stayed until he retired.
Also, on the route is Bangor known for the Naval Submarine Base.  I will cross the Hood Canal Bridge then shortly go east to my destination of Port Townsend.

It has been several years since I have been to Port Townsend. I expect some changes have happened since the last time I was there. In fact, they were doing some road construction during my last visit that I wasn’t able to go down to the historic area of the town. It will be interesting to see the changes.

I will be taking my camera so I will show some pictures after my return. I will make several short stops on the way there and on my way back. I hope this will be one of several short trips over the next several months.

The weather is expected to summer like having the temperatures reach 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It will be a lovely day for a trip.

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