Sunday, May 5, 2019

Going Around Being Nice

Reading a lot of different posts on social network the conclusion I come up with is that a lot of people like those that are nice.

This could be one of the top attributes when it comes to living a life of purpose.

We should be able to be nice even to those we don’t agree with. I have mentioned before though we have freedom of speech in the USA we still need to be careful about how we use it. Saying something in the wrong way may allow you to have free speech but it can allow an employer not to hire you.

In another way, I could say don’t be loose cannon. Think before you speak. It took me a while to learn this one for sure. Wisdom can get you out of trouble real fast.

So be kind and gentle to those you don’t agree with along with those that you do. They may not agree with you but they will admire you which is a good step toward agreeing with you.

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