Saturday, July 6, 2019

Words Do Have Impact

Yesterday I was reading a post from a friend who writes a lot of poetry. She sounded like she wasn’t in a very good mood. Her words didn’t feel like she had no impact in other’s lives.

I am not sure whether the words in the poem was really how she felt or she was bringing a point across. One thing I do know we don’t always feel good every day. Also, darkness can come in any time no matter how much light has been on our path.

Indeed our words have impact whether we realize it or not. We can lift someone up or tear them down. Why it is important to watch our words carefully.

I have seen times when words have been spoken that have torn people down when the person delivering the words didn’t mean to. The person hearing the words doesn’t receive the message in the fashion they were meant to be. I know this because it has happened to me on both ends.

I see so much written on social media as of lately that I don’t read as much because it is so negative. I want to be able to have positive words spoken into my life whether by someone speaking into it or I am reading it.

I saw another post yesterday that made me know the person who wrote it even better. It was someone who I grew up with. I have only seen her a handful of times since high school but what she wrote I had no idea went on when she was growing up.

What she wrote made me realize just because our lives were lived a certain way when growing up wasn’t the same for everyone. I believe as kids we think everyone lives the same way we do whether positive or negative. What an amazing revelation now into my life.

I am sharing this all to help everyone. Let us hear before speaking the words we will speak. Amen!

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