Saturday, August 31, 2019

Back To School

It is hard to believe this is Labor Day weekend. Here in the USA this weekend is to give honor to those who are working making things right for their families.

It is amazing to think summer vacation is over and the children are back to school. For some, they already started while others begin this coming week.

Remember to keep your eye on the children’s purpose. Not only do you have a purpose so do they. When it comes to keeping an eye on them don’t forget the teachers and the other students around them.

It is important to have teachers that have concerns for their students including your’ s. Each child should be encouraged to do their best.

 I didn’t enjoy school especially the early years because the teachers were not interested in me or in another way they didn’t understand me. My best teacher was Mrs. Eaton in fifth grade. Even after I graduated from high school I still had a relationship with her. Wouldn’t it be nice if every child had a teacher they could count on.

I am not putting down teachers and I know to it isn’t an easy job, however, the more students they can encourage the better. This is especially true for students who struggle in class like I did. Who knows with good guidance how far a child can go. I know from my experience. Also, it helped I had parents who kept an eye on me and loved me for who I am. They did not try to mold me into someone I wasn’t.

Some good advice on this weekend to parents and teachers alike.

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