Sunday, August 25, 2019

Never Give Up

Often in college football when a player especially a quarterback is beaten out as the starter the guy decides to transfer to another school. This happened over the weekend at University Washington the backup quarterback decided he was going to another school a week before the first game of the season. 

Many thought he wasn’t going to start before training camp. You would have thought he transfer early in the year. Being the backup quarterback isn’t a bad thing. The starting quarterback doesn’t perform well or he gets hurt you are ready to go.

I am sure he left in part by the pressure of his parents or others. I really hope he changes his mind because he will have to wait another season before playing. Also, he will lose a year of eligibility as well.

This shows me we should never give up and believe in ourselves no matter the situation or whoever may be in our way. This doesn’t matter whether it has to do with our professional life or what is personal. We should continue having faith in us.

So I want to say right now never give up on yourself even when things look like you should. I have had at times thought about giving up on certain things; however, I have decided to keep going on. I hope this really helps you today.

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