Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Relationship Continued

I am no expert on the subject, however, I do know relationships are important to all of us.

The number one thing I believe is we take our time in a relationship. This is especially true when we find someone who really likes us a lot. A good start is to be friends, in the beginning, to see where things lead. Otherwise, you may find the relationship isn’t long-lasting and was a mistake.

One thing for sure we don’t want to have heartache. Unless it is long-lasting the relationship will turn into a heartache for one of the couple if not for both and none of us want that for sure.

Taking our time in a relationship is especially true when we find the other person really likes us. I know I have been in a few relationships because the other person likes me. I found out I didn’t like them as much as they did me.

I have had friends tell me about someone who likes me or they think we would be a good couple. In most of those times, I haven’t had any interest in them at all. I had learned just because they liked me I didn’t like them in the same way. I thought they were nice people but I didn’t find them to be attractive to me.

I don’t think we have to be picky when it comes to a relationship, however, we do need to find the other person to be attractive to us. What we find attractive in the other person doesn’t have to be all about their looks it can be in other ways as well but this is an important factor though.

Anyway, this is some free advice to you even though I am not an expert at all. Have a great day and may you be blessed in your relationships in whatever manner they are. Remember some relationships can be just as friends though you have to be careful if that is all it is meant to be. Amen!

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