Monday, October 7, 2019

Now Into October

Every year we get amazed how time goes by faster and faster. They say it happens the older we get.

Not only is it hard to believe we are into October and winter is around the bend another decade is about to end as well. Less than three months we will be living in 2020. This decade seems to have gone by fast as well. Please slow down I don’t want to look or feel older coming up.

In 2020 my mother will be celebrating her 100th birthday. Right now being in a rehab center after falling I am hoping she will be able to stick around to celebrate with family and friends.  She is experiencing dehydration so at times during the day she is confused; however, when she is eating then put on an IV for the hydration she starts looking better and alert.

Besides the dehydration, the fall gave her a big bruise on her left leg. They had the leg drained so now in the process of healing. I hope when the leg is ready for her to come home her mind will be ready at the same time. As you can imagine she wants to be home right now.

Every day through December 21 there is more darkness. We may lose a minute or two each day of sun or daylight. After December 21 the sun starts coming back at about the same rate. It is quite a phenomenon if we think about it.

Makes me think how careful we should be not to have darkness come into our lives too. If we are not careful it can creep in without us realizing. We need to let the light shine instead.

Enjoy your day and the month of October too. The weather here in Western Washington will get a little colder to each day. The mountains already have had some snow. God bless you very much. Amen!

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