Friday, March 27, 2020

What Do We Do?

The World has changed over the last couple
months. We don't have answers either.

We have no idea how long the Coronavirus
will be around.

All we can do is have faith that life will
get back to normal as soon as possible.

What normal is will depend on how
life will be.

I lost my mother on March 6 so my
life has changed different than many.
Those who lose a family member or
more because of the virus changes.
It is a sad situation while everyone
like me during this period lost a
loved who didn't pass away because
of the virus loses as well.

Whatever the case it is not good.
We must have the faith to go on.
I have to share with others about
my mother during this time.

I don't know whether live will get
back to what it once was but God
knows for sure.

I have heard a few in media that
we have to take time to meditate;
however, as Christians we meditate
through prayer. God will help
us in no way that others can.

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