Saturday, March 27, 2021

A Cold Spring

I thought spring would be warmer here
in the Pacific Northwest. I think it started
out that way, however, on Friday it was
cold primarily with a wind that came

I stepped outside in the afternoon to
get my mail that is when I felt the
cold breeze. I thought it must still
be winter then.

I probably wouldn't thought anything 
of it wasn't for the fact I have a cold.
I have always experienced when having
a cold feeling the temperature outside
is more extended.

The temperatures right now is 39 degrees
Fahrenheit so it still cold. Expected to 
reach into the 50s today so increase about
12 degrees through out the day. Expecting
wind again though not heavy but cold no

The weather is expected to be nice over
the next week which is good too. Rain is
expected on Saturday before Easter for 
a few days. 

I hope to be over this cold soon so I can
enjoy this good weather and enjoy the
good people as well. May you be blessed
this weekend. Thank you ! 

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