Sunday, April 4, 2021

Happy Easter

Here we are Easter once again. It seems
so long since we were able to gather
together to celebrate the risen Christ.

Last year at this time we were not
able to attend church and only family
living together in the same home 
could celebrate.  

Covid-19 did not allow us to gather
together for many over a year. Now
restrictions have been lifted to some
degree we can see others in small

We are able to see young women of
all ages wearing their lovely spring
dresses while the young men are
dressed up as well. We can smell
the flowers as they make their way
to full bloom when May arrives.

Enjoy your Easter like we used to
though in small gatherings. Have
a lovely meal with family and 
friends. This is what Jesus wants
us to do celebrating his return to
heaven. Amen!

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