Thursday, April 1, 2021


On social media on the person's I follow
mentioned we could change someone's
life who works in a grocery store, restaurant
and coffee shop by saying thank you.

I have been saying thank you for sometime
however it is a good idea for someone to
remind us all time.

To add to saying thank you is to see how
they are doing in the first place. Often 
they may ask how we are doing. We 
should respond truthfully besides saying
fine or ok. Also, to  ask them how they
are doing as well.

The coffee shop I go to regularly the 
baristas make sure they know you by
name and your favorite drink for those
are regulars. If you are new they ask 
your name and where you are from.
Certainly a good way to feel special.

Our life purpose should make those
we meet feel special all the time.

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