Tuesday, June 1, 2021

A Good Holiday Weekend

I hope everyone had a nice good weekend.
Here in USA we celebrated Memorial Day.

On Saturday I visited the home I grew up
in. I was able to talk with the gentleman
who bought the home from my parents back
in 1989. He has done some remodeling though
the outside looks about the same though new
windows and doors. 

He wanted to know more history of the place
and the history of the neighborhood. I gave
him what I do know about it.

Sunday was like it usually going to church
and relaxing the rest of the day along with
going for a walk.

On Monday after going to my favorite coffee
shop I went to the cemetery where my parents,
grandparents and older brother are at.

Interesting four sisters I knew from childhood
were there. Their parents were not far from
my parents. What made it real interesting their
grandparents were our neighbors when I was
growing up. I told them I had been back to the
house. I had thoughts of them visiting their

What a lovely way to spend the weekend. Now
what do I do next. I figure to go a drive today
since it is really going to be a hot wonderful 
day. The rest of the week I have appointments
so Tuesday is the best day to go.  

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