Saturday, August 28, 2021

Are You Frustrated

I think we can be frustrated these days
can't we with what is going on in the

Many people have strong opinions one
side or the other. I am stuck in the middle
for that matter. I have mentioned it in
social media however those with the
strong opinions think I am wrong. I
am ok with it though.

The reason I am stuck in the middle
is I understand both sides. The important
thing is how do we resolve it is the 
question. For example, I do know
for the pandemic having a vaccine
shot should be taken, however, I
believe people's rights should be
protected as well. 

Here in my home state the governor
has made the mandate of having the
vaccine for those who are government
employees including teachers and 
health workers. If they don't then they
will be fired. I don't think that is right
at the same time the majority of people
should take the shot. How do you do
it with their rights protected. Not an 
easy task for sure.  I believe those 
who have health issues when taking
a vaccine shot shouldn't have to. It
is quite a dilemma isn't it. Also, we
have our religious freedoms as well.
I suppose it takes someone like King
Solomon to solve it. Much wisdom
for sure.

Anyway you have thought respond
in the comment section and you are
a citizen of USA write your elected
representatives too. In the end have
yourself a wonderful weekend.  

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