Saturday, January 8, 2022

Friday Night Out

I have to  admit I  don't  get out 
much on a Friday night; at least 
with friends.

It was  really nice to go out with 
brothers and sisters  from church. 

We started the evening with a special 
service to  begin the new year. During 
the week beginning on Monday the 
church was called to a fast. How much
of a fast was up to  the individual or

I fasted from fish and chicken except
for one day. I had water,  juice, veggies 
and fruit. I  began the  day with yogurt.
I had a small lunch including veggies.
I had a very small dinner or none at all.
It felt refreshing. My medical  condition 
I felt I couldn't do more on the fast. I
ended up losing six pounds in five days.
My thought is to continue by eating no
 or little chicken. I  have  issues with my
stomach and I  think chicken might be
the problem.  I will see if that is the key.

I am  sure losing six pounds in  five days 
regularly isn't a good idea though once in a
while it is. Adding fish back in is healthy 
and I lose two or three pounds a week until 
I reach my goal of weight loss is good. In 
total I have  lost 22 pounds so I am halfway 
to my goal.  I  may lose additional weight 
depending on how I feel and  look. If I do
go further  in weight loss I will go 10 pounds
at a time. After that will be to maintain at
that weight. 

I hope to have opportunity to go out more
on Friday nights with friends. This to is

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