Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Having A Good Attitude

Not always  easy  but we should
have a good  attitude. 

Here in Western  Washington  we 
are expecting  warm weather and 
no rain all week. This is typical
here for June although we will
have rain before July starts.

WI ter and spring  we have a lot
of rain but this year more than 
ever. This is especially of spring.
It has been  colder than normal. 

It would be easy to complain and
have a bad attitude  but of course
won't  change anything.  Having a
good attitude  during  the tough 

When I  had my heart issues I  found
it easy to worry wondering what was 
going to happen. I figure that has to
be a normal  response when in bad 
health.  I  tried to  have the best attitude 
I possibly  could under the circumstances.
I know it helped besides knowing others
were praying  for me.

So let's  have a good  attitude  always 
even under trying  times. Not easy for sure
but will make life better  to live. Amen!

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