Friday, June 17, 2022

Listening To Others

One of the best talents we can
is to listen to others. We can 
pick things up that can help

I often see a group of older
men than me at my favorite
coffee shop. I don't talk a lot
which isn't easy for me but I
just sit and listen. Sometimes
they talk recent history or
about things like plans. I find
it interesting. Let's me know
more about them to.

I like to watch people and sometimes
wonder what their life purpose is.
See if I am able to pour into them

I know most everyone questions at
times why I am here. I know to I 
am not always sure of I am here
but I think I do most of the time. 
I am sure many don't know their 
purpose but if I can give them an
idea I believe it will help. 

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